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What we do is essential in today's technology filled, on-the-go, fast paced world.  At a time where warranties either don't cover the issue or wear out faster than the device they are intended to protect - enter The New Fix.  We strive to offer the best repair services on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad devices. Many of us have been repairing computers for years, as well as the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod since their inceptions. We are a quick, affordable, convenient way to repair your device is the definition of the service we deliver.
The New Fix was officially formed in 2012 out of and has been operating independently on not only Apple products, but Microsoft based systems as well. All our representatives are either former Apple employees, have completed Apple Certified Technician training, or are in the process of doing so. Many of our employees hold Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science and/or Computer Information Systems.
In 2013, we formally introduced our repair services around the South Florida area. After years of serving our satisfied customers with repairs and customizations, we decided to become an official company thus bringing forth our services and abilities and this is how The New Fix was born. We offer a wide range of services on a variety of mobile devices and computers - and the best part about it is, we will come to you.  You do not have to leave the comfort of your own surroundings!
Don't forget that not only can you get a repair at anytime, but you can also request a FREE quote to either have your device fixed or purchased by The New Fix - WORKING or NOT!


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